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What is repossession?

Repossession allows a lender to take over ownership of your home because a mortgage or other loan secured on your home hasn’t been paid. your home is at risk if you don’t keep up your mortgage payments.

Who can repossess a home?

Your home can be repossessed by your main mortgage lender or by another lender who gave you a second mortgage or a loan secured on your home.

What causes repossession?

Repossession usually happens as a result of mortgage arrears or arrears on another secured loan taken out against a property. arrears build up if you don’t pay your mortgage or second loan in full at the times your payments are due.

What happens after a home is repossessed?

Being repossessed doesn’t always mean an end to your mortgage debts or other debts secured on your home. if there is still money owing, your lender will expect you to pay off your mortgage debts, including all their legal bills, which means you may still be in substantial debt and without a property.

How we stop your repossession

Don’t be afraid to open your letters from your mortgage lender or loan provider. give us a call as soon as you receive your first arrears letter, if you call us in the early stages, we can offer you more options and find the most relevant solution which suits your needs.

we will make an emergency application  to court on your behalf, we will instruct free solicitor for you to attend court and stop your repossession taking place.

once stopped we will then come up with the most perfect solution for you, so you’re closer to your goal of financial freedom.

Facts about repossession

In 2013, 36,354 possession claims issued to homeowners in England, led to possession orders.’ (Shelter Housing), don’t let yours be next!

We at Stopping Repossession UK will stop your repossession, and help you reach financial freedom.