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We have been in the property business since 1990 and are a well established company which specialises in stopping repossessions nationwide.


To date we have stopped hundreds of repossessions nationwide, and have vast courtroom experience. our team at “stopping repossessionuk.com” offer our clients unrivaled, unbeatable, stress free services.

Once you make a call to us we take away your stress and stop your repossession taking place. we have vast experience in dealing with lenders, solicitors and we will attend court on your behalf endlessly, until all your problems have been resolved, and repossession stopped.

House Purchasing

We guarantee to buy your property whatever the condition within days.

We don’t only stop repossessions we can even buy your house.  we buy houses  in any condition using our own cash funds. Did you know there are limited options when you need to sell your house quick. The traditional method of selling your home is through a traditional estate agent but this is a lengthy drawn out process (the average sale time in some areas in the uk is over a year!)

On average an estate agent will take 3 – 4 months followed by mortgage and solicitor delays, which can typically take an additional 4 – 6 months, even then there is no guarantee for the sale to proceed and complete.

Attempting to sell your house fast through a traditional estate agent isn’t the best idea as it’s a long, slow and drawn out process. 
With broken house chains occurring on over 50% of transactions, a house sale is never guaranteed with an estate agent. Stopping repossessions uk.com promise and guarantee to purchase your home using cash funds within days.

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or a guarantee to purchase your property.