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Established since 1990 we operate nationally providing you with the help and advice you need when faced with any repossession and eviction proceedings.

In 2013, 36,354 possession claims issued to homeowners in England, led to possession orders.’ (Shelter Housing), don’t let yours be next! We at Stopping Repossession UK will stop your repossession, and help you reach financial freedom.

Are you facing Eviction or Repossession? If you do nothing you will lose your home and may not receive any money for it.  We at Stopping Repossession UK will not allow this to happen to you..

Our teams of professionals understand that this is probably the most stressful, and disturbing situations you will ever have to face in life. At Stopping Repossession UK, we have a mission to stop your repossession and help you get back into control with your finances.

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Did you know that’in 2013, 36,354 possession claims issued to homeowners in England, which led to possession orders.’

(Shelter Housing), don’t let yours be next! Do not get yourself trapped in a similar situation and contact us immediately for some free advice before it becomes too late. If you are facing eviction or repossession, consult Stopping Repossession UK today and we will guarantee to get you out of any repossession proceedings and attain you financial freedom. We have been established since 1990, Stopping Repossession UK is a highly specialised firm that has helped hundreds of people in avoiding repossession.

Avoid Repossession with Expert Advice

We advise you not to ignore Court Letters and instead read them and act quickly and call us to help you. If you do not act quickly then you will be at a higher risk of losing your property. In order to avoid repossession you need to contact stopping repossession UK immediately and take advantage of our expert advice from our team of professionals, who can guide you in the right direction and help you protect your property from repossession. We at Stopping Repossession UK operate with the mission to help you protect your family from the threat of losing your home. To help you avoid house repossession, we offer tailor-made debt and repossession packages.

Stop Repossession with our Experts

We understand losing a family home is very painful and stressful, hence we provide our clients with stress free and unrivalled services that will put an end to all their financial problems. Our team of professional advisors have vast experience in dealing with lenders and Courts we will stop your repossession with no stress to you. We brilliantly handle all the legal matters on behalf of our clients, until their repossession is stopped.

How We Stop Repossession

Like most of our financially troubled clients, you might be also be interested to know about how we will help you stop your repossession. Depending on your circumstances we have various avenues available to us in respect of stopping your repossession; we will choose one that fits your needs, we do our every bit to save you from being repossessed. Once your repossession is stopped, we also provide you with the best solution for obtaining your financial freedom. We not only stop your repossession from taking place but if required, we also buy your property in any condition with our cash fund to help you get back in control of your finances control.